Engaging Love

Do an Engagement Session.  When will you ever do professional pics again with your Love? In regular clothes not wedding clothes?  I know what you are thinking – ugh – dread – awkward – uncomfortable –  and what do I do with my hands?  I had to include that because we get that question at almost every shoot!  Engagement Sessions end up being fun, not at all the torture that is expected .  We chat a lot beforehand & plan everything out so keenly – the clothes, the location, the general style, how they are feeling, all of that good stuff.  – And I promise to tell you what to do with your hands.

If you have some questions about doing an Engagement session, email us  – We’re happy to relieve your Engagement session fears

Love can't stop Covid. Their minds were set. It was going to happen, they couldn't put it off any longer. And why should they? 

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