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Q) Who will be the Photographer at my Wedding?

A. If you choose 2 Photographer Package then typically it is Richard and Cristina on your big day. There are 2 other photographers that can assist each of us when we each have a Wedding. Richard will shoot the larger package of the day.

Q) Do you do all the Creative Enhancement work or just give me my images without editing?

A) We do all the enhancements in house. Some photographers send it out to another company to do this. Some just give you them without careful here, this is the difference between a hack and a Pro. We feel we can add our own personality and ensure all images are done to our standards, not someone else's style.

Q) What is the difference between a proofing DVD and Digital Negatives?

A) A proofing DVD has your final images in a low resolution format, so you can e-mail or put on Facebook etc. they are sized down to use. they are not for printing. The digital negatives are the full file, they are optimized for printing.
Q) Can we repost or share the online images?
A) Yes, we encourage it! Share the fun, share the love!
it is easy to do on our Online Galleries.

Q) Do you charge for travel?
A) I try not to, but our rule is free within a 20 mile range of Eugene, ask about breaking the rules...I'm often generous.

Q) What is a large screen viewing?
A) We have our clients (if in their package) come back and review images on our 52" HDTV monitor so they can see the image huge. This helps in making decisions for printing and for their album, plus we have a great time reminiscing the day!!

Q) How long do you hold onto our images?

A) We archive all Weddings for 3 years, at that point we offer the digital negatives for sale if they haven't received them already. If there is no response they might be destroyed.

Q) Do you have backup equipment on my Wedding day?
A- yes, we understand electronics, we have backup equipment and have never been in a position that we couldn't perform our services!

Q) What kind of Camera do you use?

A) We shoot with Canon Professional Cameras. The 5D mark 2 along with some of the best lenses in the World!

4)What is the process AFTER the Wedding?

A) One month after the Wedding your images go online to a personal website. Soon after you will be sent info on ordering your prints, or album info. After we receive all of your order we will begin the process of getting you the goods. Depending on volume of our clients and the album makers in Italy, You are typically looking at 3-4 months of production time. Before it is sent to you, we will send you a PDF of the albums layout. This way you know exactly what it will look like before it is printed.

Q) Do we get to pick the images for our album?
A) Yes, I can't imagine it any other way! You know best who you want in your album, but we can guide you in the process! And we have had some people say you we can do that too!

Q) How long do we have to select our images?

A) We require all clients to make their album selections within 3 months after their Wedding date. Archival retrieval fees may apply after 9 months.

Q) What if you are sick on my Wedding day?

A) We have others in the studio that can fill in, or we work to find another Professional. But it has never happened in 9 years... :)

Q) Can you work with us if we have a fixed budget?

A) Absolutely! We can customize a package so that you get great coverage, and then the other elements can come later.

Q) How many images will I get ?

A) Our goal is to provide as many great images as possible. No limits. No quotas. But you only want the good ones, no blinks, look aways, or bad facial expressions. So we edit down each sequence. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations, and yet not overwhelm you! It also depends on how long we are there, How many photographers are there... etc. It typically ranges between 400-950 images.

Q) Can I print them anywhere?

A) Yes, we provide you a certificate with the ability to print the copyrighted images at your choice of printers. Be prepared if you use a cheap printer like Cosco or Walgreens, you will also get discounted results... always use a reputable printer and good paper!

Q) What do you charge for overtime?

A) Our rate is $250 for 2 Photographers and $150 for one Photographer per hour. (that includes our edit time)

Q) What questions should I ask a Photographer?

a) Ask about experience? Anyone with less than 5 years of Professional Wedding experience would have me a bit nervous. Don't be their learning curve. b) Can you see a full Wedding? c) How many client referrals do they have? d) Do they make their own albums? e) do they have business insurance?

Q) Should we provide our Photographers food?

A) Yes, typically we like to eat when the Bride and Groom eat. Most people don't want images of them eating, and we keep an eye on the bride and groom so we are ready when they are! We are typically in constant movement all day, and need to quickly refuel also :)

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