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Eugene Wedding Photography , Invitations & video

In this world of constant turmoil, I count my blessings daily that I can do something I love for a living! To be a part of people's most important times in their lives, like seeing two people commit to each other, to be in those scenarios when love abounds and others are inspired by the feelings brought forth, it creates an amazing work environment!

Over the years my passion for Photography went from hobby to Profession, which I eventually shared with my wife Cristina. After assisting me, she was quickly shooting her own Weddings with great praise from her clients. It wasn't fair to use the name "Richard Roman Photography" anymore. We are now shooting Video and making beautiful, Custom Invitations using our Photography. It makes sense now that we are more than just a typical Photography Studio. So we changed our business name to Roman Studios! To get a better sense of how we roll, see our FAQ section!

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A Lot about Cristina....

Richard & I have been married for 14 very full years. I am grateful that the foundation of our Marriage has been based on a deep faith in God. Our faith has carried us through some immensely difficult times & during the good times His love was so joyfully obvious. We were forced to learn a lot about each other & what it means to support each other unconditionally. I'm sure that is why Richard & I work so well together. Richard has always asked for my thoughts & opinions on his photographs. In sharing his passion with me, I developed (pun intended :) a great interest in photography as well. I have to say, It is wonderful to learn a skill & an art form from the one you love. When I decided to pursue my other creative love for graphic design, Richard was my trusted critic in reviewing all of my custom cards, invitations & birth announcements. My other critics & inspirations are my 3 loud, wonderful & easily excitable (& sometimes smelly) boys. It is from my own family that I can see the great need to stop time & hold onto every moment because they slip away so quickly. To be able to sweep in with a camera & snatch up an expression or a moment in the making . . . well, it is both exhilarating & satisfying. To take those moments & create a custom Valentine from them, ah, that just thrills me to pieces!

I lived in LA and got great training in shooting Models, Actors, and Musicians. I shot for LA's radio station KKBT and Photographed many up and coming artist like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Easy E, Dr. Dre and the Death Row crew. I stopped shooting these events after an ugly altercation turned deadly at the El Rey Theater.

To me, photographs are some of the greatest things we cherish as we look back in time. My role in capturing the Most Romantic images for the greatest day of your life is truly an honor. Knowing that people will look back on their album for the next 50 to 100 years,... that to me Rocks!!

I have 3 awesome boys, little mini-me's,
I always wanted boys, at least one. But God always seems to bless me abundantly. Kids are my weakness, I would do about anything for a kid in need, I like to volunteer when I can, I think there are several ways to bless people, even if you are just a photographer.. . . . . .

i work with the Heart Gallery, it's amazing that one Photograph can change a kids life by being adopted! Birth to Three, is a non-profit, helping families and kids cope through tough times. And "Kids for Kilimanjaro" help kids on the other side of the world to come to their local villages to get a meal and an education. These are all great organizations that really help kids, support them if you can!

I'm thankful for my wife and family and know to never take our bond for granted. I like to laugh, sometimes at the wrong times, sometimes uncontrollably, mostly when it's politically incorrect.. I almost always root for the underdog (diehard Raider fan) and have an innate weakness for potato chips.

I like old skool Rap, while trying to keep it PG in front of the me success in life is doing what you love, and keeping those you love close!

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Serge, Fine Artist
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