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Wanna get away to Paradise? While you are there, perhaps you can get Married too!!

It can be a great option for many that are trying to keep their Wedding expenses from getting out of control. It sounds costly but when you consider all the factors that go into a Wedding, it is easy to make some allowances to be well within your budget.

Much of the associated cost is in the location/venue and the cost of food/alcohol. One of the biggest mistakes (in hind-sight) is that too many people are invited that you more than likely aren't that close to, or that you won't remain close to in the next 5 years. Sometimes a smaller event allows you to really spend quality time with those that mean the most to you.

When in Paradise, you certainly don't want an island Photographer, many times a hotel will include this in their package. They shoot 3-4 weddings a day and herd you in and out like cattle. Then getting any pictures back from them is an issue. Use a real Pro to capture once in a Lifetime memories that you come home with!

Another benefit of bringing your own Photographer, is that we can shoot a romantic session the next day and get the shots without disrupting your Wedding day with family and friends!

Based on a location in Kona, Hawaii we could help assemble a DIY Wedding. Got another location in mind? Let is partner and plan an unforgettable Wedding!

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